news | philosophy » March 1

On conservatism, Trump, and why I’m voting for Hillary

by Mike Hillman

Trump practices a reactionary politics that emerges during times of societal shifts when those who were in power feel the status quo shifting away from them.

books » November 20

NaNoWriMo pushes writers to write novel in one month

by Charissa Jelliff

November is National Novel Writing Month, and Charissa has taken a break from her usual fangirl pursuits to write a 50,000-word novel.


Special coverage at New York Comic Con 2014


Reviews and red carpet coverage from the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival


Mike, Gabe, and Kevin discuss each episode of Mad Men's final season.

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games | tv » November 17

Pokémon’s popularity due to simple escapism

by Kevin Hillman

Pokémon remains popular nearly 20 years after its introduction. Simple escapism and a magical quality allow it to appeal to kids and adults alike.

comics | tv » November 7

Meeting Constantine through Hellblazer comics, NBC series

by Charissa Jelliff

After catching a preview of NBC’s Constantine at New York Comic Con, it was time to read up on the history of the character in the comic books that inspired the series.

comics | culture | history » November 4

Fifth of November: Untangling truth from Vendetta

by Kevin Hillman

Remember, remember, the Fifth of November. But make sure you know what you’re commemorating before you don that Guy Fawkes mask.

comics | tv » October 26

History of The Flash, Part II: The Silver Age and Beyond

by Kevin Hillman

The Flash always manages to be miles ahead of superhero trends. When the comic book industry was down, it took a lightning bolt and a new Flash to revive it.

comics | tv » October 23

Watching Walking Dead while hating blood, guts, gore

by Charissa Jelliff

The Walking Dead is still spilling blood and guts in its fifth season. Are viewers becoming numb to the violence? How else could a gore-aphobe enjoy a show like this?


books » October 20

French experiments in The Secret Place, but still succeeds

by Charissa Jelliff

The Secret Place is the latest installment in Tana French’s ‘Dublin Murder Squad’ novels. French changes up some of her usual style, but the book will not disappoint her fans.


movies | tv » October 19

Star Wars Rebels promises to fulfill Lucas’ original vision

by Kevin Hillman

Star Wars Rebels, previewed at NYCC, is an animated action/adventure romp that brings some of Lucas’ early Star Wars ideas to life.

photos | tv » October 18

Exclusive: Librarians cast previews series, with photos

by Charissa Jelliff

At NYCC, we sat down with the cast and crew of TNT’s upcoming series, The Librarians, a spin-off of the successful Librarian films starring Noah Wyle.

photos » October 17

Exclusive photos from around NYCC: Cosplay and more

by Kaia Schroding

Comic cons are always filled with fans in detailed and inventive costumes. NYCC 2014 was no different. Take a look at scenes from around the convention.

comics | movies | tv » October 16

Marvel, DC showcase divergent strategies, old habits

by Kevin Hillman

At NYCC, the two comic book giants previewed different paths forward: Marvel is killing off its most popular character, and DC is overexposing its own.

movies | tv » October 16

Inconceivable pleasures of NYCC come to end on Sunday

by Charissa Jelliff

The final day of NYCC arrived too soon for Charissa Jelliff. Nonetheless, she made the most of Sunday by spending time with the stars of Sleepy Hollow and The Princess Bride.