books | tv » August 19

Outlander deviates, predictably, to show us skin

by Jennifer Ziegler

The cross-century contrasts in behavior and dress are adapted well in Starz’s Outlander, but one big change to draw in viewers misses the mark.


history | tv » August 17

Korra draws parallels to real-world march to war

by Kevin Hillman

Legend of Korra’s social commentary made season one remarkable, and season two steps it up by exploring the reasons we fight wars.


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culture | drink » August 15

Navigating tap handles: Selecting lager or ale

by Jared Washburn

Beer is divided into two camps based on how it is fermented: ale and lager. Most bar patrons don’t know the difference. But you’re not “most bar patrons,” are you?

movies | tv » August 14

Sometimes, celebrity deaths give rise to real-life mourning

by Charissa Jelliff

Expressions of grief from fans when celebrities die can seem over the top. But several recent Hollywood tragedies have triggered unexpectedly raw emotions.

books | tv » August 13

Outlander adapts time travel, intrigue to small screen

by Jennifer Ziegler

Diana Gabaldon’s 1991 bestseller Outlander has finally been adapted to the small screen. The “romance” is secondary to the engaging plot and characters.

history » August 11

Hating on Supreme Court has always been American hobby

by Kevin Hillman

The Hobby Lobby decision is just the most recent case of the Supreme Court’s tendency to anger many citizens. That history goes back to the beginning of the nation.

movies » August 7

Guardians: ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ Marvel can do it all

by Charissa Jelliff

Marvel Studios has turned obscure characters into beloved moneymakers in the past, but producing Guardians of the Galaxy was a huge risk. It’s time to stop doubting Marvel.


books | history » August 4

Round out summer with easy-reading presidential history

by Kevin Hillman

History books can be dense and difficult to read, but some historians excel at humanizing their subjects. Here are five bios of U.S. presidents, told by five great storytellers.


sports » August 3

New era begins, boring one ends in professional wrestling

by Kevin Hillman

Pro wrestling seems to move in 10-year cycles. An era defined by bland characters and beach bodies is ending. Will the new era be different, and who will lead?

drink » August 2

America’s hopsession: Pushing IBU to the limit

by Jared Washburn

The price of hops could skyrocket, sending shivers down the spines of craft-brew enthusiasts. If you’re not an I.P.A. fan, ease your way into the hoppy end of the pool.

books | tv » July 31

Binging makes TV watching more like reading

by Charissa Jelliff

Binge watching a compelling TV series can feel a lot like tearing through a page-turning novel. It also creates a new relationship with the material.

movies » July 27

Legendary Pictures falls far short of its name

by Kevin Hillman

Legendary Pictures has consistently proved to be a failure at creating compelling action stories. Nerd/Wise calls out Zack Snyder and the entire company.

comics | movies » July 25

Exclusive: Family of Batman’s uncredited co-creator speaks

by Kevin Hillman

The granddaughter of Bill Finger, Batman’s uncredited co-creator, spoke exclusively with about Finger’s legacy and the fight for recognition.